Albums & layout

Wether you need an album for a family shot, birth session, baptism or a wedding, I offer bespoke digital albums from 12 doble pages, up to 50.

You will have it in a digital form to see it on Full HD TV and if you want you will also have it printed in a fully bespoke album.

As per the example, a wedding album will contain from 100 to 120 photos distributed on 30 double pages. The cover and layout are customizable.

I accept modifications of the model and in particular for the photos of groups and friends.

The formats are square (25x25cm, 30×30 cm or 35×35 cm) panoramic (24×30 cm and 30×40 cm).

Should you prefer a traditional album with glued pictures, I can have it made too.

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-16 21.38.46

Example of a digital album :

Prueba-01 Prueba-02 Prueba-03 Prueba-04 Prueba-05 Prueba-06 Prueba-07 Prueba-08 Prueba-09 Prueba-10 Prueba-11 Prueba-12 Prueba-13 Prueba-15 Prueba-16 Prueba-18 Prueba-19 Prueba-20 Prueba-21 Prueba-22 Prueba-23 Prueba-24 Prueba-25 Prueba-26 Prueba-27 Prueba-28 Prueba-29 Prueba-30 Prueba-31 Prueba-32

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